BlackBox Loudspeaker System
BlackBox Audio System
The BlackBox
Music Inspired design from concept to construction…

The BlackBox is a high-power amplified loudspeaker system that easily connects via cables or wireless Bluetooth (Bluetooth Bundle) to your iPhone, TV, Xbox, or any product that has an audio output.

Unlike mass produced plastic loudspeakers BlackBox is constructed from 0.75″ MDF wood (Medium Density Fiberboard) the best speaker enclosure material that eliminates unwanted energy and vibrations resulting in the BlackBox being capable of producing crystal clear sound without distortion even when played at very loud volume levels.

BlackBox was engineered from the ground up by our U.S. based engineering team in San Diego, California. The team has over 40 years of combined and shared experience in mechanical, acoustic and electronic engineering.

Over a period of 14 months, countless sample builds, and extensive anechoic chamber testing, our design team developed an entirely new platform. The BlackBox platform includes a Texas Instruments Digital Amplifier, a high current 18-volt power supply, and a new proprietary MDF bass-reflex enclosure, DSP, and transducers all of which work together to reproduce crystal clear big natural sound.

Easy Plug and Play Setup

Easy Plug-and-Play Set-Up

The plug-and-play BlackBox unit easily connects to any audio source equipped with a 3.5mm headphone or RCA audio output such as a TV, iPod, Smart Phone, Tablet, Notebook, PC, X-Box & More!

Perfect for your Garage & Outdoors

Perfect for your Garage & Outdoors

With its rugged built to last construction the BlackBox is the perfect audio companion for your garage, backyard, boat and RV. With its high power digital amplifier and dual 6.5″ loudspeakers the BlackBox delivers plenty of loud and crystal clear sound to liven up any party.

Proprietary DSP

Proprietary DSP

Our engineering team spent 14 months in the laboratory developing a proprietary DSP circuit that controls and shapes BlackBox audio output frequencies to ensure crystal clear detailed sound for both music and TV listening. Even at maximum sound volume the BlackBox has virtually zero audible distortion resulting in a warm natural listening experience that won’t cause listener fatigue when listening for long periods of time.

Handcrafted Wood Enclosure

Handcrafted Wood Enclosure

Almost all of the speakers in the market today use plastic enclosures so they can be easily mass produced. The BlackBox enclosure is handcrafted from wood and lined with an acoustic blanket just like high end loudspeakers resulting in superior audio performance and a build quality that will last a lifetime

Large Single-Point-Source Loudspeakers

Large Single-Point-Source Loudspeakers

If you want big natural sound that does not distort at high volume from your loudspeaker system you need big speakers. BlackBox is built with two big 6.5″ woofers and two 1″ high charge neodymium tweeters. When it comes to loudspeaker design bigger is better!

Works in your Car - Truck - RV - Boat

Works in your Car – Truck – RV – Boat

Unlike any other loudspeaker system on the market we designed a special internal power supply that allows you to connect your BlackBox to any 12 Volt DC power source – we even include a 12 Volt DC car adapter so you can power it from your car or boat.

Easy & Powerful Home Theater

Easy & Powerful Home Theater

BlackBox transforms your TV into an instant, high powered, home theater system, and is so simple to hook up…just connect one RCA cable and you are ready to experience your movies, video games, music videos and more like never before!

The Bluetooth Bundle

If you like the handcrafted quality, and superior audio performance of the plug-and-play BlackBox, but also want the convenience of a wireless Bluetooth loudspeaker…


The Bluetooth Bundle comes with a premium
FosPower NFC-Enabled Smart-Bluetooth 4.0 apt-X
Receiver that easily connects to BlackBox with one cable and transforms BlackBox into a
Powerful-Bluetooth Music System

Bluetooth Smart

Check out the FosPower Bluetooth Video to learn about connecting
it to BlackBox and hear about all the great features and performance!

The BlackStack


The BlackStack increases output power from 50 watts (peak-power)
to a massive 100 watts (peak-power) of loud & crystal clear sound!

Like pro-amplifiers, the BlackBox can be 'stacked'.
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